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What do Italian Leather ratings mean? How does it relate to aniline leather?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Leather is a beautiful, natural and long lasting choice of sofa covering for your home and The London Furniture Company offers high-end, premium leathers in over 150 Shades of colour, all tanned in Italy.

But what is leather protection and what does it mean?

High Protected Leather

The leather is finished with a protective coating on the surface of the hide and is typically thicker. This makes it more resistant to everyday use, food and drink spills and is thus the best choice for households with young children, pets, or for any high use area. These leathers are also the easiest to clean and the top grain will last for a long time.

Our Standard Leather - Sorrento, will fall in this Category.

Medium Protected Leather

This leather has a moderate amount of embossing, so it still has a protective coating to help with everyday use. It is soft to the touch, but less resistant to spills and scratches than high protected leather would be. This is still a good choice for families with children, or in relatively high use areas.

Our House Leather - Bull, Emotion, and Nirvana, will fall in this Category. As well as Our Premium Leather - Orion, will also fall in this Category.

Low Protected Leather

This is the most expensive leather on the market. These are the prestigious European hides referred to as full aniline and full top grain. The surface of the original hide hasn't been touched, so it maintains its natural beauty and characteristics such as natural markings and subtle colour changes. These leathers are very soft to touch.

However, no food or drink should be used on sofas with low protected leather as coverings, as they are hard to clean and stains can be difficult to remove. These sofas are best for rooms that have low or intermittent usage, or households with no pets or children as they can scratch easily.

Other leather types

For customers who wish to, we can work with any other category of leather, including Category 60 leather, the most expensive leather on the market. However, Categories 10, 15, 25, 38 and 50 are featured on our website as they are our most popular choice of leathers.

Still having trouble understanding leather categories? You don't need to be an expert. We have you covered. Contact us for an informal chat through Email, alternatively give us a call, or even strike up a conversation in our Chat Box and we will be happy to help you choose the right leather for your needs.

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