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Picking Your Perfect Sofa: Size

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

You've heard the stories: taking months to find the perfect sofa, only to find when it's delivered, it doesn't fit through your front door. Here are some other furniture faux pas you'll want to avoid.

Sizing It Up

Can you fit your Italian Leather Sofa through the front door of your house? If you live in an apartment block, will it fit in the lift, or can it be taken up the stairs? For those in smaller spaces, is there enough room to pivot the sofa around corners - height as well as width?

Measure the space that you are planning to place your new sofa, take into account any awkward spaces or overhangs from window ledges that the sofa may have to fit around. To help visualise the space the sofa will take up, and whether it takes up too much space, measuring and then placing newspaper on the floor in the relevant area is a useful tactic.

Can you get your sofa up your staircase?
Unless you have stairs like these, measure up before buying a sofa.

Once the initial physical hurdles have been overcome and you're confident you can get a sofa through your home and it will fit in the space you have for it, what about the design aspect?

Interior designer, Valerie Jackson, has the following pointers for those looking to purchase a two seater, three seater or four seater sofa. "A sofa can be a fantastic asset in the design of your living space. It's certainly one of the first things people will notice, so it's important that it fits comfortably with the rest of your furniture arrangements."

A big part of that, Jackson says, is sofa size. "I like L-shaped sofas if you have the space, these are in fashion right now. If you need something more space efficient, I recommend commissioning a bespoke corner sofa." If commissioning a piece isn't possible, modular sofas may provide a good alternative to this too.

Next Steps

Explore the next piece in the Picking Your Perfect Sofa series, Sofa Placement.

All our sofas come in a range of different sizes and configurations. We can also take bespoke orders, made by hand in the world's most famous sofa-making regions in Italy.

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