Luxury Italian Leather & Fabric Sofas

The London Furniture Company is the luxury Italian sofa specialist. We bring you luxury sofas in Italian leathers and fabrics, in a range of colours and a size of your choosing. All of our sofas and the materials used to create them are made in Italy. Keep reading to find out about the quality of our sofas.

Above: Italian luxury sofa design and craftsmanship is internationally renowned

Italian Luxury Sofa Craftsmanship

All of The London Furniture Company's sofas and armchairs are made in Italy, crafted by artisans passionate about what they do. Our workshops are located in parts of Italy that have a long, multi-generational history of sofa manufacture and who are true specialists in luxury sofa design and manufacture.

When you buy a sofa from The London Furniture Company, you don't have to worry about cheap build techniques, substandard joints or cheap leathers. This is a luxury product sold at a keen price point, using luxury standards and materials in our build. We can do this by cutting out the sort of middle-men who have high overheads, so you can buy straight from the manufacturer at a better price.

100% Natural & Top Grain Italian Leather & Luxury Fabric

All our sofas use genuine, top-grain Italian leather or cozy, luxury fabrics as standard, with upgrades available for even thicker and softer materials. No matter what you choose, our leathers and fabrics use the Italian processes and techniques that are internationally famous​ for creating durable, supple leathers and high end, soft fabrics. At The London Furniture Company, we do not use cheap or imitation leathers, only the real thing will do.

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  • Download our Italian Leather Buyer's Guide explaining different leather qualities. 

  • Read more about our sustainability values and origins of our leather. 

Above: Top-grain and natural-grain Italian leather from The London Furniture Company in a many colours



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The London Furniture Company pairs traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, bringing luxury and elegance to your living room at a fraction of the price of traditional designer sofas and furniture. We do this without compromising on service or quality.


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