Environmentally Friendly & Ethical Sofa Manufacturer

We want you to buy a comfortable sofa that not only looks good, but makes you feel good too, not guilty. 

The London Furniture Company is an environmentally friendly and ethical sofa company. Therefore, we hold ourselves and our suppliers to high standards when it comes to the procurement and processing of materials used in our sofas.


From water and wood, to leather and food, we explain the certifications and processes used to help create a sustainable product that not only doesn't hurt the environment, but that you can feel good about too.

Sustainably Sourced Sofa Leather: Origins

The leathers sourced and used by The London Furniture Company are by-products of the food industry. We know the origins of our leathers too: all Italian leathers used are certified "Made in Italy."

Sustainable Forests for Sofa Manufacture

Wood is used in our products to create the frames and sometimes the feet of our sofas. The wood is sourced from forests that have been certified sustainable, so we know that we are treating the planet right.

Energy & Water Saving in the Sofa Manufacture Process

Water and energy consumption is constantly monitored and optimised, significantly cutting down on wastage.

Fair Prices

We supply sofas to the public for fair prices and we believe in fair prices across the supply chain too. Read more on how we can offer you great prices for luxury sofas



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The London Furniture Company pairs traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, bringing luxury and elegance to your living room at a fraction of the price of traditional designer sofas and furniture. We do this without compromising on service or quality.


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