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Custom Made Italian Sofas in Leather & Fabric

Create the perfect Italian sofa for your home by customising it by design, size, colour and material. Make your new sofa totally yours by choosing your:


Italian Sofas: Custom Sizes

Nicolas_PRM1121 (1).jpg

Above: The London Furniture Company's Italian leather sofas are available in a range of standard and non-standard sizes

You deserve a sofa of your choosing: at The London Furniture Company we make our sofas as customisable as possible. All of our 200+ models come in a range of pre-set, standard and non-standard sizes, including two, three and four seat sofas, corner sofas in a U or L shape formation, and of course options for electric / power recliners or sofa bed integration. 

If you cannot find a configuration or size you are looking for, most of our sofas use a modular system, available in each product's brochure, so you can scale a model up or down to your liking (or you can contact The London Furniture Company and we can do it for you).


Your Custom Sofa Colours and Materials


Above: You can have your sofa in any colour you like - get creative with mustard yellow if it's right for your space

The London Furniture Company maintains a library of leathers and fabrics in hundreds of different colours, so you will likely be able to find a colour for your new sofa that suits your style and home.

Have you already purchased a material in a colour you like? You can send us a material you have already sourced, and we will upholster your chosen model in that colour of material for you. 


Your Custom Sofa Stitching: Patterns & Colours

Copy of bag_1.jpg
Copy of Prive arms.jpg
Copy of Imperial Arms.jpg

Above: Our Italian sofas lets you have lots of your own personal touches - including stitching patterns, available on most sofas.

Most of our models are available with custom stitching. This means you can pick the design of the stitching from options including plain seams, single welt, single top stitch, double top stitch, D stitch, cross stitch and more. 

Picking the colours of your thread means you can create additional design effect for your sofa, either by picking a thread colour to contrast with the colour of your sofa, or picking a colour that matches it exactly or tone-on-tone, if you want the stitching to be less visible.


Left: contrast can be conservative, as with this white thread on black leather sofa, available on models including two seaters, three seaters and corner sofas.

Other iterations are available, such as tone-matching the thread together with the your chosen sofa colour.

Of course, you can also create vibrant contrasts, using white thread on strong colours such as red, dark or light.


The choice is yours, but we're here to help. 

Your Custom Sofa Colours: Two Tone / Two Colour Sofas


Above: Mix and match fabrics and colours to create something smart and truly unique with The London Furniture Company's Tasha sofa set. Here, heavily and lightly patterned fabrics have been used to create a modern, distinguished sofa design, with a leather side in tan to create a bit of a sharper contrast. 

Below left and right: The Keaton sofa set is a great example of a relaxed, contemporary sofa or couch that can bring some vibrancy of colour to your space, including well lit areas such as your living room or lounge.


The London Furniture Company offers some sofa designs that allow you to pick two different types of colours. For set sizes - like a 2 seater sofa or a 3 seater sofa - you can pick two different colours for the same piece. For modular sofas, such as The Keaton, each module can be a single colour of two colours. 


We've picked the best designs that the multi-colour sofa option will work for, and the best parts of the sofa to change the colours of. Often, the seat and back cushions will be the same colour and the second colour of your choosing is applied to the bottom and back of the sofa, but each model will be slightly different in this regard.

Your Custom Sofa Materials: Two Materials

Decide what combination of materials you would like. You can pick from:

  • Two different types of fabrics

  • Two different types of leathers

  • Leather and fabric

For example, you may be a fan of floral fabrics, but be aware that florals can quickly overwhelm a sofa and a room. So an option might be to use both a floral fabric and a solid coloured fabric on the same sofa, to break up the floral pattern and make it easier on the eye.


Of course, fabrics and leathers come in different colours, so decide whether you would like to match or contrast your fabrics and leathers. There are some great examples of sofas that use contrasting colours and materials in our Something Different sofa category.

Your Custom Sofa Look: Sofa Legs

Sofa ​legs can define the sofa, so getting the right legs makes all the different. For example, exposed, short legs that lift the sofa slightly off the floor is a quintessential mid-century modern sofa design. Contemporary Italian sofas tend to have more subdued feet, sometimes hidden inside the sofa itself, making it invisible.

Charger 1_2 Sofa.jpg

​The sofa product brochure will tell you what the options are for customising your sofa's legs, but the options will usually include polished or unpolshed metal, and different types of solid wood ​stained in a variety of colours, such as black or rosewood.

  • Shop Italian Sofas

  • Contact us about custom Sofa Leg options​

Left: When displayed, sofa legs contribute to the look and feel of a sofa. (Pictured: The Charger two seater sofa).


Your Custom Sofa Backs: Power / Electric Recliner Sofas vs Fixed Back

Sofa backs come in two usual formats: fixed backs or power / electric recliners. These options are pretty simple: fixed back sofas don't move, whilst power recliners give you the option to recline at the push of a button. A third option is actually movable back sofas: sofas that have backs that rotate or move forwards and backwards to decrease / increase sofa depth respectively. 


Above: Electric recliner sofas are fast becoming the standard for luxury interiors (pictured design: The Julia electric recliner).

The most popular format continued to be fixed back sofas. Those are your typical sofas that we all know and love. However, the electric recliner is becoming very popular and is on a trajectory to overtake fixed back sofas as the most popular option in the near future. 

Your Custom Sofa Options: Italian Sofa Beds

Sofa beds can be hard to get right. They don't all look like sofas and they're not comfortable as beds. That's why The London Furniture Company only offers a few models with a sofa bed option: we want all of our models to look like a sofa whilst being a very comfortable bed when folded out in bed mode.

The options for sofa beds range from the ordinary (a two or three seater sofa bed) to the more complex (L shaped sofa beds) to the very practical (generous width armchairs that fold out into a single bed - perfect for studio flats, for example). 

Whatever you choose, you will be able to


Above: L shaped sofa bed made in Italy. (Pictured: The Cameron sofa bed by The London Furniture Company.


pick from mattress options that best suit your comfort needs. These may include:

  • 100% Memory foam mattress: Our softest mattress, offering the perfect "sink in" feeling.

  • Memory foam topped mattress: A soft but supported mattress that offers a slight "sink in" feeling. 

  • CFC-Free foam mattress core, wrapped in soft fibres: A firm mattress with some padding.

Want to know more about our sofa bed options? Take a look at our options below. 

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