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Luxury Sofas at Great Prices

At The London Furniture Company, we want to keep our sofa pricing and promotions simple: we offer our customers a fair price for a high-end, luxury sofa - all year around. Here are four reasons why we won't use discount selling and another three reasons on how we are able to keep our prices lower, without compromising on quality or service.

1. We don't believe in fake discounting / year around sales

We don't believe in marking our sofa prices up steeply, then giving just as steep discounts - we view this as a dishonest marketing tactic. We see that there are many sofa retailers who practice this and whilst it may be tempting to follow their example, we believe honesty, best practice and our reputation is more important than short term financial gain.

2. Our sofa prices are realistic from the start

The London Furniture Company stands by its products and pricing. Steep discounts across a shop or site could imply that either the sofas are overpriced in the first place or there's something wrong with them.


Retailers who offer year around sales or steep 70% discounts are clearly not offering a product that is as high-end as their marketing and sales teams would have you believe, otherwise they would not be able to offer such discounts in the first place.

3. We don't want customers who didn't buy sofas in the sale to be disappointed

Ever pay full price for an item one week, only to see it's in a sale later on? We have experienced that, and it left us feeling cheated.


We stand by our high quality sofas and fair pricing, but we are also keen to protect our past customers from experiencing that disappointment.

4. Continued discounting leaves hardworking people down the supply chain out of pocket

Retailers who regularly offer steep discounting for sofas rarely lose out. Instead, the saving is made by cutting the margin or salary of someone else further up the sofa supply chain - like artisans, leather tanners and wood dealers - but not the retailer. ​This is unfair to our suppliers across the chain, who deserve to earn a fair wage for their craft, all year around. 

Instead, when we offer discounts, they're offered to specific people - primarily, our repeat customers.


So how are we at The London Furniture Company able to keep our prices so low for such a high quality product?

1. We keep our overheads low

The London Furniture Company doesn't rely on expensive bricks-and-mortar shops or showrooms. By operating online, we're able to make savings that are passed on directly to you.

2. Our sale price is relative to the cost of sofa materials and construction

You would be forgiven for thinking that some sofas must be lined with gold. The fact of the matter is, other than branding, there's no real justification for standard sofa sizes to be sold for 5-digit sums, as some shops do. 

Instead, we link our profit margin with the cost of sofa materials, construction, storage, transportation and other overheads we have as a business, not whatever figure we think we can get for it. 

3. We work with suppliers who share our ideals of luxury quality and fair value

The final reason we are able to keep sofa prices low, is because we work with individuals and companies who also appreciate our values - and pass us high quality products at fair prices.

The London Furniture Company passes these fair prices straight to you: luxury sofas 

at a great price.

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