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Italian Sofa Design & Inspiration at 

The London Furniture Company Blog

Find the latest sofa trends and designs, get ideas and inspiration for new sofa colour palettes, new types of leathers and fabrics for your couch or simply to find the latest news on Italian leather sofas from The London Furniture Company. If you like what you see, you can always sign up to our sofa newsletter and get 5% off future purchases.

The London Furniture Company blog aims to bring best in class advice to homeowners about the purchase, care and design of their Italian leather sofas, whether they're a corner, recliner or fixed back two, three or four seater. We also aim to bring you news and views from the interior design and architectural industry on home renovation, the latest styles and in particular transforming your rooms from old to new again through the use of upholstery, and in particular, Italian sofas and armchairs in leather and fabric.

If you're in the market for a new sofa, our blog aims to inform and educate you on what to look for: how do you know whether the sofa you're buying will still be fit for purpose in a few months, or if the leather will scuff after a few weeks or how the frame and feet will hold up in the short term. We also hope to explain how to identify superior quality sofas and explain the nuance of the leather industry and how Italian leather categories translates into every day use.

Finally, we hope to bring you exclusive previews (subscribe!) of upcoming furniture models. The London Furniture Company has over 200 models of carefully crafted, Italian designed and built recliners, sofas and armchairs for sale. These models are refreshed annually, based on global buying patterns and the latest trends in design, and are replaced with new models as required - so you'll always be buying the very latest in sofa design innovation from The London Furniture Company.

For those who wish to read more about The London Furniture Company, we have a history of furniture building, over the last 150 years, with continental and British designs. Details are available at the bottom of the contact us page. For now, happy shopping! 

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