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Colour Chart

Leather is a beautiful, natural and long lasting choice of sofa covering for your home. The London Furniture Company is a leather and fabric sofa specialist, offering a choice of five leather and 3 fabric categories in a large range of colours. All our leather is 100% sourced in and processed in Italy. Read our article on the grading and categorisation of Italian Leather for more detail, but in short we offer three options:


Please note that colours on the screen may be darker or lighter than the original leather's colour.








Price Change:






Sorrento - Standard Leather


Sorrento is a buffed, pigmented leather approximately 0.9mm to 1mm thick. It is top grain leather and pleasantly soft to the touch. There may be the presence of small differences of colour, tone and grain, indicating that it is a 100% natural, top grain leather product.  

How to clean Sorrento leather: For ordinary cleaning, use a clean, slightly damp cloth. In case of stains, use distilled water and mild soap. It is advisable to dry naturally (avoid direct exposure to light and heat).

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