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Pictured in light fabrics and tan Italian leather (always the best available), The London Furniture Company’s Tieron sofa set will please and delight. It is filled with a mix of soft fibres and a firm, foam core, so you get the best of both worlds - not too soft (wears easily and not enough support) and not too firm (uncomfortable). This is a contemporary piece that would be well suited to any space.


Custom sofa sizes are available, please contact us for a price.

  • ✔  A handmade, luxury Italian sofa with a modern design and built with traditional techniques


    ✔  Create a true statement piece for your home with a contemporary Italian sofa that makes use of meridian seating - end seats with no armrests - and that can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your space


    ✔  Customise your sofa to fit your home and lifestyle by choosing multiple, warming leathers or luxury, cosy fabrics in multiple colours


    ✔  Sink in to a soft but supported sit on cushions filled with an environmentally friendly foam core, wrapped in a thin mattress of Dacron fibre


    ✔  Snuggle down with manually adjustable backrests, achieving a seat depth that can reach upto 84 cm and 1.24 metres vertically


    ✔  Highlight the stitching pattern and colour of this sofa (on leather options only) by choosing a contrasting thread colour


    ✔  Sturdy frame features solid pinewood