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Scarlet: Italian Handmade Electric Recliner Sofa

Scarlet: Italian Handmade Electric Recliner Sofa

The Scarlet recliner sofa is your gateway to Italian made luxury in your home. This modular sofa set is fully customisable - you can find all the standard sizes here or build your own sized recliner using the modules - to create your ultimate sofa based on your needs. 


From a mighty 4 seater to a corner chaiselong and everything in between, fully automated of course, this sofa family really is the business. 


Pictured with polished metal feet, white leather (we only use the best Italian leather for our sofas) and the design’s iconic curved headrests and arms, this is a piece of furniture that will delight you and your guests for many years to come. So sit back...all the way back… and relax - in your new Italian, electric recliner sofa.


Custom sofa sizes are available, please contact us for a price.

  • ✔  A handmade electric recliner sofa designed and built with traditional techniques in Italy


    ✔  Electric recliner provides a smooth ride from sofa to vertical “Bed Mode” with a depth of 1.55 metres, all controlled at the touch of a button


    ✔  Get extra comfortable with manually adjustable headrests for extra support and style 


    ✔  Customise your recliner sofa to fit your home and lifestyle by choosing from our colour range of 100% top-grain, warm Italian leathers or one of our cosy, luxury fabrics


    ✔  Sink in to a soft but supported sit on cushions filled with an environmentally friendly foam core and wrapped in fibre


    ✔  Make your colours stand out by picking a different colour stitch to your sofa and personalise the stitch pattern we use on your new piece for maximum bespoke design


    ✔  Sturdy frame features solid pinewood


    ✔  Sofa feet available as standard in polished metal

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