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The London Furniture Company’s George sofa set follows a now classic art-deco design. Popularised in the 1930’s, art deco is a timeless style that will last the ages. Displayed here in tan leather, the model is available to customise with multiple options, such as thread colour and stitch pattern.


This set contains models that are more compact and more generous. At 1.66 metres wide, it is a small two seater sofa, but the larger sizes reach almost 3 metres, so you can find a piece to suit the space you have in your home. 


Finally, this model is made entirely in Italy and displays the superior luxury craftsmanship of Italian craftsmen. The sofa will be long lasting, as it is composed of the best and most durable Italian leathers, fabrics and wood. 

  • ✔  A handmade sofa designed and built with traditional techniques in Italy


    ✔  Customise your sofa to fit your home and lifestyle by choosing from our colour range of 100% top-grain, warm Italian leathers or one of our cosy, luxury fabrics


    ✔  Sink in to a soft but supported sit on cushions filled with an environmentally friendly foam core and wrapped in fibre


    ✔  Bespoke options include decorative stitching and a colour that contrasts with the rest of your sofa


    ✔  Sturdy frame features solid pinewood


    ✔  Some sofas don’t allow you to rest your head - this is not one of them. Every sofa model in this set comes with manually adjustable headrests, so you can find your perfect comfort sweet spot


    ✔  Sofa feet available in polished metal, or your choice of rosewood coloured beech-wood, black, cherry, dark walnut light walnut, silver and natural colour.

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