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Gary: Handmade Italian Sofa Bed

Gary: Handmade Italian Sofa Bed


  • ✔  Created in Italy by artisans, made with top quality, natural materials and built to last


    ✔  Seat cushions and backs are filled soft, low-wearing fibres wrapped around an environmentally friendly foam core, providing for a comfortable but supporting sofa


    ✔  Personalise the look and feel to your style by choosing from thick or elastic leathers and soft, cosy fabrics, available in a range of colours. All leather is 100% Italian top-grain, we don’t use cheap replacements or filler leathers


    ✔  Create a truly custom sofa by picking the colour and pattern of your stitching from various options, giving you the choice to contrast or match the main colour of your sofa


    ✔  Manually liftable headrests allow for maximum seated comfort


    ✔  The electric recline option for this sofa set will allow you to stretch out on your sofa as you would on a bed


    ✔  Sturdy sofa frame featuring both solid pine and solid beechwood, guaranteed for two years


    ✔  Metal feet are available in satin or polished finishes, some versions may have hidden feet

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