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Adrian: Italian Handmade Electric Recliner Sofa

Adrian: Italian Handmade Electric Recliner Sofa

Do you ever wish you could stretch out a little more on your sofa? Well if you had an electric recliner, you could. In fact, this particular model lets you stretch out just that little bit more, giving you up to 152cm of stretching room. 


If you’re looking for multiple pieces for your lounge, living or TV room, you can pick multiple models and sizes from this sofa set. The standard size starts at 1 metre 72 centimetres for a 2 seater, making it a perfect fit for even the smallest rooms (most people can stretch out entirely lengthways) but there are options for large corners as well. 


For a designer sofa, it comes at a very reasonable price - similar to a high street retailer - but instead of general guff sourced from wherever, it uses the highest possible quality materials.  As ever, all the materials in our Italian leather sofas actually are sourced from and made in Italy and The Adrian set is no different.

  • ✔  Italian electric recliner, 100% made in Italy with traditional techniques


    ✔  Fully stretch out on this electric recliner sofa, which actually glides into the same length as a bed for maximum comfort


    ✔  It gives a soft yet pleasantly firm sit for maximum enjoyability 


    ✔  Covering materials include top-grain Italian leather or warm, luxury Italian fabric, both available in many different textures and colours - just check our sofa colour chart


    ✔  Why not fully customise your sofa’s look and feel? Pick the stitching pattern for your sofa and choose a contrasting thread colour to create a unique sofa to suit your style


    ✔  Do you want even more room? Adjustable headrests allow you to lean your head back for extra support


    ✔  All The London Furniture Company’s frames are sturdy - this one is built with both solid pine and solid beechwood, two materials ideal for furniture making, and the frame itself is guaranteed for two years but is expected to last much longer (assuming normal use)


    ✔  Metal feet are available in satin or polished finishes, some versions may have hidden feet

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