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Colour Chart

Leather is a beautiful, natural and long lasting choice of sofa covering for your home. The London Furniture Company offers three different categories of leather in 60 colours, all tanned in Italy. Read our article on the grading and categorisation of Italian Leather for more detail, but in short we offer three options:

House leather: Italian Category 25 High Protected Leather. This carries are high level of colour coating to protect the leather from spills and scratches, so it is more resistant to wear and tear. It is the best choice for households with young children or pets.

Premium leather: Italian Category 38 Medium Protected Leather. This leather holds a moderate amount of embossing for protection. It is still soft to the touch, but less resistant to spills and scratches.

Luxury leather: Italian Category 50 Low Protected Leather. These are prestigious European hides called full aniline and full top grain hides, where the surface of the original hide hasn't been touched. However, no food or drink should be used on the sofa. 

Please note that colours on the screen may vary from the original leather swatch.

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