Displayed here as a corner sofa with Meridian, in white leather, colour matched stitching and polished metal feet, this is a clean, contemporary design. The sofa set is available in a range of colours and materials, as well as sizing. 


This is a great price point for luxury product that is 100% made in Italy by talented craftsmen with a passion for what they do. Its construction and filling will be superior to most high street retailers, and the leather options for this model (like all of our sofa models) will be far superior.


The London Furniture Company’s Oscar sofa set is designed to be the centrepiece of your living space, to last you for longer and be a source of pride in your home. #WelcomeHome, to great design, great craftsmanship and great prices.

  • ✔  A handmade sofa designed and built with traditional techniques in Italy


    ✔  Sink in to a soft but supported sit on cushions filled with an environmentally friendly foam core wrapped in fibre


    ✔  Customise your sofa to fit your space and lifestyle by choosing from our colour range of 100% top-grain, warm Italian leathers or one of our cosy, luxury fabrics


    ✔  Manually liftable headrests extend support to taller customers and their guests


    ✔ Create a statement piece for your home by selecting two different colours for your sofa, for the perfect match for your space


    ✔  Create a contrast between the stitches in the sofa and the colour of its leather by choosing the contrast stitching option


    ✔  Sturdy frame features solid pinewood


    ✔  Sofa feet comes in polished metal and plexiglass where available - some models have hidden feet

Fabric / Leather Type



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The London Furniture Company pairs traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, bringing luxury and elegance to your living room at a fraction of the price of traditional designer sofas and furniture. We do this without compromising on service or quality.


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