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Another of our Mid-Century Modern designs, the London Furniture Company presents the Kristian sofa set. It is available to purchase in the standard sizes of armchairs, 2 seater, 2.5 seater (AKA Maxi) and 3 seater, in your choice of colour and material (pick from either top-grain Italian leather or Italian fabric).


This is a high quality designer piece which promises to last for years. Crafted in Italy, all of its constituent components are also sourced from Italy and it boasts a sturdy, wooden frame. This is a good looking piece that will beautify your home, perfect to help you create a mid-mod aesthetic.

  • ✔  A handmade Italian sofa designed and built with traditional techniques


    ✔  Elegant design creates a statement piece for your home


    ✔  Customise your sofa to fit your space and lifestyle by choosing from our colour range of 100% top-grain, warm Italian leathers or one of our cosy, luxury fabrics


    ✔  Sink in to a soft but supported sit on cushions filled with an environmentally friendly foam core wrapped in fibre


    ✔  Highlight the stitching pattern and colour of this sofa (on leather options only) by choosing a contrasting thread colour


    ✔  Sturdy frame features solid pinewood

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