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No-one builds luxury sofas like the Italians and The London Furniture Company’s Arthur sofa set is created by some of the best. If you’re looking for a contemporary and elegant sofa that provides a comfortable sit without a designer sofa price tag, then this set could be for you.


You can combine with existing furniture, or look for more than one piece if you’re moving home or redecorating your current one. The Arthur comes in a range of sizes and customisations are available to suit your taste and match the colour schemes in your home. 


Why this sofa?

✔  The London Furniture Company is proud to present the Arthur, a stylish, contemporary handmade Italian sofa range built in Italian workshops with artisan methods


✔  You can fully customise your sofa’s look and feel to your style by choosing from thick or elastic leathers and soft, cosy fabrics, from a full range of colours


✔  Seat and back cushions on this handmade, Italian sofa are filled with environmentally friendly materials, providing a not-too-firm, not-too-soft sit


✔  The London furniture Company are the Italian leather experts, so the Arthur sofa range comes as standard in Italian, top-grain leather. We don’t use cheap leathers or leather substitutes, because nothing beats the real thing


✔  You can choose to highlight the stitching pattern and colour of your sofa by selecting a contrasting thread colour or decorative stitching with this model


✔  Headrests are liftable manually, allowing for maximum seated comfort 


✔  Stretch out to the max on a sofa with the electric recliner option, giving you the option to smoothly glide into a position that’s the same length as your bed


✔  Sturdy sofa frame featuring both solid pine and solid beechwood, guaranteed for two years


✔  Feet are available as polished (shiny) steel, some versions may have hidden feet


Custom sofa sizes are available, please contact us for a price.

  • 100% Real Italian Leather
    Unlike some, we use the best there is as standard - top grain Italian leather. We do not use cheap leathers, leather substitutes or plastic: nothing beats the real thing.


    Italian Design, Italian Build
    Our products are designed & built in Italian workshops, by Italian craftsmen. They combine traditional techniques with modern technology for a handmade, luxury product.


    Exclusive Product - Online Only
    Every sofa on our website is designed and built for us. As we’re based online, we can offer luxury products at prices up to 40% less than the high street.

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