A sofa defines the room it is in - it’s usually the largest piece of furniture in any room and therefore the most noticeable. So it’s important that the sofa you choose is a sofa you love. 


The Adrian sofa set could give you that sofa - it’s highly customisable (think custom coloured stitching, armless, multiple options for sofa feet), has a large variety of leather colours for you to pick from (about 100 for this model) not to mention it comes in custom sizing. It can be scaled up into a large and comfortable three seater corner sofa, or down into a two seater (or an outsized / larger version of a two seater). Its constituent parts are modular, so you can build multiple size variations - 4 seaters, 5 seaters and so forth - if needed. 


The Adrian, like all The London Furniture Company’s sofa sets, is 100% made in Italy. That means it’s constructed in Italy and its constituent parts are also sourced or made in Italy. 


This is an exclusive design for us, so you won’t find this model anywhere else.

  • ✔  Handmade Italian sofa set, designed and built in Italy with traditional techniques by artisans. This goes for all of our pieces.

    ✔  Seat cushions and backs are filled with an environmentally friendly foam core, wrapped in soft, low-wearing Dacron fibres for a soft, supported sit. 

    ✔  All sofas in The Adrian set come in 100% Italian, top-grain leather as standard for a warm, supple finish. You can customise your sofa’s look and feel to your style by choosing from thick or elastic leathers and soft, cosy fabrics, and pick from a full range of colours.

    ✔  Highlight the stitching pattern and colour of your sofa by choosing a contrasting thread colour

    ✔  Adjusts the headrests manually allow for maximum comfort

    ✔  Fully stretch out on your sofa with the electric recliner option, which glides your sofa into the same length as a bed

    ✔  Sturdy sofa frame featuring both solid pine and solid beechwood, guaranteed for two years

    ✔  Metal feet are available in satin or polished finishes, some versions may have hidden feet

Fabric / Leather Type



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The London Furniture Company pairs traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, bringing luxury and elegance to your living room at a fraction of the price of traditional designer sofas and furniture. We do this without compromising on service or quality.


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